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Friday, March 03, 2006

Humor or Screed?

Well, after that fairly noble first post I have put my foot in it, to say the least. Spurred on by news that the temporary new editor of our local paper (called the "Local," for good reason,) might become its permenent editor, and irritated by the lack of substance in the paper since her arrival, I fired off a mean-spirited letter. Among other things, I ridiculed her for writing twee cat editorials. I also posted the same letter on the blog of the old editor. A few days later, said new editor is in the hospital with a heart attack, and goes into a coma.

Ack. How easily I forget that the person one is writing about is not an abstract entity but a real person. A real person with a real life, who in real life I would not be mean to. But put a pen in my hand or a keyboard under my fingers and I start channeling inner bitch. How Christian is that?

I am inclined to take this blog in two different directions. One is to go for the comic angle, the wanna-be do-gooder who gets everything wrong. But somehow, I'm not quite comfortable with that-- since there is much more in me than just a comic character. So perhaps I should make her a character -- a benighted, clueless twin, Janet, Janet Wisniewski. The other direction was suggested to me by a fellow librarian. She thought I might let the inner bitch out of her box. Let her rip until I get tired of her and have more control over her energy. Said librarian is a smart, accomplished woman so I am thinking of going that way. Perhaps I will make up a bitchy triplet -- Mabel, Mabel Wisniewski, and let her screed on from time to time. Hmmm, ma belle Mabel.
Yup -- that could work. Three Wisniewskis for the price of one.

I love to write so I need to get a handle on this energy. And send the temporary editor of the "Local" a get-well card.


Chestnut Hill Local:
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